Craig Thomas Hammond.

From a delinquent on self-destruct mode to a successful change maker – be inspired and motivated to become all you can be!

He is an inspirational speaker, author & trainer who has spoken at conferences, after dinner events, secondary schools and business events all over the UK inspiring and motivating people of all ages to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be. 

At the age of three, Craig’s parents discovered he could not speak. After appointments with doctors and speech therapists it was discovered that Craig had a severe stammer.

Growing up in an ex-mining village already rife with deprivation, poverty and lack of employment was tough in itself but having a stammer made it practically impossible for Craig.

Although Craig left school with no qualifications he returned to education in his thirties and now has a B.A. Honours degree in Youth Studies and Community Development. He also won the Adam Ayub award whilst at university for the inspiration he gave to others. Craig also has a Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies.


Cara Henderson

She was the young girl who dared to stand up to the noise and the anger of sectarianism, after the brutal death of her friend on a Glasgow street.

Twenty years on, Cara Henderson’s courage and determination has been recognised and rewarded with the country’s top award for women – Evening Times Scotswoman of the Year 2014.

The 35-year-old from Mugdock gasped in astonishment when her name was read out in front of a delighted audience at the City Chambers n February 2015.“I am absolutely stunned to have won,” she said, in an emotional speech, as the audience of women rose to their feet. “It’s an honour just to be here.”

Cara also paid tribute to her fellow nominee Laura Nolan, who, after the suicide of her son, set up the Joshua Nolan Foundation to provide counselling for troubled young people.She said: “As someone who has suffered from mental health problems, I know first hand the importance and value of her work.”

Cara set up Nil by Mouth after her friend Mark Scott was murdered on the way home from a football match, simply because of the team colours he was wearing. In a touching speech, she recalled her friend’s zest for life and her motivation for setting up the charity.  She said: “I always thought Nil by Mouth was about my friend Mark’s murder, but it’s about something much more important and bigger than that. It’s actually about Mark’s life.

“Mark never saw people in terms of labels, he just liked people.   And it is by reflecting on the person that Mark was that I have come to realise that at its heart NBM stands for something positive."

“It is described as an anti-sectarian charity, but the truth is it’s not about effecting change from the outside in, it’s about asking people to look inside themselves and by doing so changing the world from the inside out.”

Cara believes that the simple truth is being prejudiced limits your life. Moving beyond our own prejudices is something we all should try to do. The happier we feel, the more we will value ourselves and the more we value ourselves, the more we can and will value each other. That’s the sort of world I want to live in.

Evening Times editor Tony Carlin said: “Cara is an inspiration. She suffered the loss of a friend but battled for 15 years to cure a cancer in our society.“She faced challenges, abuse and hatred with a steely determination and she founded a charity dedicated to driving out bigotry.”He added: “Cara’s strength, tenacity and determination to create a fairer, kinder, more tolerant and inclusive Scotland is something we should all aspire to.”

Please note that the content of this report featured in the Evening Times Newspaper

Zakia Moulaoui

Director of International Partner Development at the Homeless World Cup Foundation

The Homeless World Cup operates via a network of 74 national partners, supporting football-based programmes and social enterprise development around the world. These street football organizations run local projects in 420 cities, reaching 100,000 homeless people every year.
My main role within the Foundation has been to manage and support the global network of organisations around the world but also included:
Organisation and creation of networking, developing and learning opportunities for the partners internationally. 
Delivery of coaching and referee courses around the world - Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, etc.
Monitoring and Evaluation of street soccer activities of all partners on a yearly basis 
Access to funding through grant application, sponsorship proposals, etc





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