Facilitating a Rotary Peace Project Group

Pointers to help Facilitators to help deliver units.

Questions to consider---

  1. What is needed to set up a meeting, eg room, laptop, projector, writing utensils etc.
  2. What do you want the Peace advocate to have learnt by the end of the meeting. Ensure that you  use the Learning Intention, (LI), given at the beginning of each slide
  3. How will you help them to learn through the meeting
  4. What questions might you ask to help them learn
  5. Can you identify the relevance of the meeting to help to develop life skills


        As facilitator you must—

      “lead from behind, refrain from offering solutions

       Provide support and encouragement

       Allow the Advocates to form their own opinions

       The facilitator must check their own beliefs and opinions, asking what the Advocates think and why

        Involve all Advocates, ask questions to make the group think about consequences and choices

        Encourage youth voice and action, directing their own learning and exploration

        Play the “devil’s advocate” to ensure that diverse perspectives are heard

                                      Create a safe space, establish clear norms of respect and openness

                                      Stress the importance of confidentiality.

Pointers to help Facilitators assess their meetings.

  1. Has everyone in the group contributed
  2. Did you help the “quiet members “ to feel included
  3. Did you have a clear plan of action, based on the slides and notes
  4. Did you communicate with participants effectively
  5. What percentage of the time was taken up by your dialogue
  6. Can you review your own progress and learn from the judgements you make
  7. Can you recognise your strengths and weaknesses
  8. Did you provide fun, enjoyment and a sense of achievement for all the group
  9. Did you experience and share a sense of achievement from a task achieved together. 
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