Rotary International People of Action

Champion of Peace awarded to Jean Best founder of the Rotary Peace Project at the United Nations, on 11th November 2017.

Peace Advocate Programme

A skills based programme to enable our young people to make informed choices whenever they experience any type of conflict. Qualified Peace Advocates go on to lead conferences for their peers and become lead facilitators in year 2 of the programme

Through Facilitation

Young people engage in skills which..... allows them to "Conquer Conflict" and "Transform into success" in their daily lives

Why do we need to create Peace Advocates?

Youngsters are bombarded with images depicting what they should wear, eat, drink and say by the media on a daily basis. Making choices is difficult. Peace Advocates develop better life skills for themselves and others.

Make a Start

Request a presentation and access a training event in your area. Contact us and we will provide support

Rotary Peace Fellows

Rotary International funds up to 100 Rotary Peace Fellowships per year at 6 specially chosen universities where they earn a Master's degree in Peace and Conflict resolution.

Rotary Peace Conference

Advanced Peace Advocates led the 3rd Peace Conference with International Speakers on the Thursday 26th November 2015 at the Easterbrook Hall, Crichton Campus, Dumfries. Another successful engagement. Looking forward to the next on 18th December in the Scottish Parliament Building

Champions of Peace Honorees announced on World International Day 2017..........

6 Honorees were recognized on Rotary Day at the United Nations, November 11th 2017, one of whom is the creator and Managing Director of our Peace Project

A highlight of the Rotary Day at the United Nations, Gen Sec John Hewko introduced Rotary’s 2017 People of Action: Champions of Peace award winners. He praised them as “an embodiment of the range and impact of our organization’s work,” and saluted them for providing “a roadmap for what more peaceful, resilient societies look like.”

Rotary honoured six individuals, each made brief remarks. Jean Best, Creator of the Peace Project and Rotary Club of Kirkcudbright, Scotland, UK: “Without peace within ourselves we will never advance global peace,” said Best, explaining The Peace Project, the program she created to “the future leaders of peace” develop the skills they need to resolve the conflicts in their lives.















Rotary Peace Fellows

"It is surely the wish in all our hearts that there is peace in our world. Our Rotary Foundation has created 6  Rotary Peace Centres in Universities around the world.  The programme funds up to 100 Rotary Peace Fellowships per year. Here they earn a Master's Degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution." John Kenny Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair

Read more about these centres and how Rotary is creating a cadre of individuals who are dedicated to peace and conflict resolution and whose influence is remarkable. One of our Project Peace Fellows is Flor Yanez working in Mexico.










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