Make a Start

Qualifications needed to become a Peace Advocate Facilitator,

1)  You live on planet earth

2)  You care about the future of the planet

3)  You believe in young people being 21st century leaders

4)  You want to help young people make better choices

5)  You are willing to facilitate other peoples opinions which may differ from your own


How to get started

1)  If you are a Rotarian, use the 'Contact Us' tab contact Jean or Keith to come and give an awareness presentation to your club

2)  If you are a teacher or community leader use the 'Contact Us' tab to arrange an awareness presentation to your school, community organisation or to other adults including parents.

Next steps

1)     Gather like minded adults together from your club, school or centre.

2)     Arrange a date with us to deliver faciitation training to enable the Peace Advocate Programme, approx 3-4hrs.   

How to get a group together

1)  Establish time and day of meeting,eg lunch time, evening, during the school day, etc

2)  Establish make up of group, eg volunteers from different ages across the school, club etc

3)  Establish make up of group eg specific young people asked to join the group, chosen by adults within the school or centre.     

Get going

1)  Use the Peace Advocate Programme PowerPoint to facilitate your meetings

2)  Always listen to your young people and go at their pace

3)  Work through the specific skills to establish Peace Advocates in your school or centre.

The Future

1)  Peace Advocates receive their official certificates

2)  Peace Advocates create their own Peace Project pertinent to their organisation

3)  Peace Advocates ensure that there is continuity and sustainability of the Advocacy in their school, community.

4)  Peace Advocates train the next cohort.

The Peace Cycle continues and grows and GROWS, until all young people in your organisation have the Peace Advocate skill set and establish service projects.

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