There are a great number of forces today— including the media, music and corporations—that try to mould the opinions and behaviours of our young people. It is therefore critical that youngsters gain experience in thinking through issues themselves, weighing the evidence, coming to their own thoughtful conclusions. We believe that this is especially important because the world will need new ideas and perspectives on how to build peace in the 21st century. The Rotary Peace Fellows have a great deal to teach about peace making, but they too are humans with their own opinions and ways of seeing the world. The youngsters of today need to know that and be encouraged to thoughtfully challenge whatever they are reading and hearing.

This project was therefore created to include more Rotarian and Family of Rotary involvement in Peace studies at an earlier stage than the current Peace Scholars studying post-graduate work at the Rotary International Peace Centres. The project has targeted young people in secondary schools using the joint skills of Rotarians, Peace Centre Scholars and Peace Fellows and a life-skills based programme created by the Founders

Objectives of the Project


• To encourage and employ a conflict resolution philosophy in young people at a local level.

• To enable young people of secondary school age to become “Peace Advocates” and create service projects.

• To enable Rotarians and others to create and facilitate “Peace and Conflict Resolution Groups” in  schools or their    community.

• To link with Rotary Peace Fellows as mentors and utilise Rotary Global Scholars in the facilitation of meetings.

• To build confidence through appropriate facilitation training in order to access and deploy the Peace Advocate  Programme 

Success Criteria—young people choose and use practical conflict resolution skills to ensure successful outcomes.

Peace Advocates create successful service projects for the benefit of their school or community.


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