Rotary Peace Advocate Programme

  • Developed after full assessment of impact and sustainability of pilot programme previously delivered

  • Developed with young people taking into account their views and ideas to make it fit for purpose

  • Developed with Rotary Peace Fellows around the world

  • Developed with Rotarians, to feel confident to lead and facilitate the programme in a school or community



“Young people must become conscious of their responsibilities in the world they will be called upon to manage and should be inspired with confidence in a future of happiness for mankind.”                                        UN General Assembly Resolution 2037



The Peace Advocate Programme uses quotations to stimulate discussion amongst young people such as: 


“Many of the worlds worst conflicts and vast suffering have been caused by our inability to recognize others as human beings with feelings exactly like our own”

                                                                                                  Dr Scilla Ellworthy



Consequently young people engage in skills based activities that enable them


  • to "Conquer Conflict" and "Transform into Success"

  • to create and lead "Peace Service projects" 

  • to experience a 6 step facilitated programme strategy to “Control Conflict, and Empower Success”



             Step 1– Setting Up


            Step 2- Developing and Achieving Peace Advocate Skills.


             Step 3- Conquering Conflict in  Ourselves


            Step 4- Conquering Conflict in School, in our Community.      


             Step 5- Conquering Conflict in our Home.              


            Step 6- Conquering Global Conflict          










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