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Entertainment Women’ Generation
In 2014, Jessica published on her Chinese social media site account that she was “displaced” from the team. S.M., later on, confirmed that she has actually left the group as a result of schedule problems. In 2015 증권디비, Jessica formally left both the team and firm, proceeding as a solo artist with Coridel Entertainment.

Followers have hypothesized that it was since she has her very own style line. Throughout this time, there were also rumors of arguments as well as dramatization between the members.


Exo had 4 Chinese participants: Kris, Luhan, Tao, and also Lay. They were all part of Exo-M.
Kris, leader of Exo-M, left the team in 2014. He took legal action against the firm, mentioning unreasonable as well as unlawful working conditions, as well as racial discrimination. This reminded every person of Hangeng, specifically because they used the exact same lawyer.
Luhan, former vocalist, dancer, as well as the face of Exo-M, left right after for similar reasons. The feedback to this was much various than Kris’s separation though. When Kris left, both the fandom and also various other participants remained in shock. Tao even uploaded broken guarantees on his social media sites.

However, when Luhan left, every person was much calmer as if they had already been informed. Lay also made a goodbye blog post on social networks.

Individuals began hypothesizing if Tao would certainly leave as well. In spite of his promise to remain, rumors magnified after fans saw him buying medication. He was alone, save for a pair of crutches. He ended up leaving the group in 2015, likewise taking legal action against the business.

His primary factor was that he ended up being damaged – several times. Physicians alerted that if he didn’t rest appropriately, he would have irreversible injuries, but he was still forced to continue working.

All 3 won their legal actions. Nonetheless, S.M. still contributes to a section of Kris and also Luhan’s negotiations.
As a result of this, fans began believing Lay, the continuing to be Chinese participant. Some even ended up being OT8 followers and anti-Lay.

Entertainment Of B.A.P

In 2014, B.A.P sued their company, TS Entertainment, for unreasonable working problems as well as profit distribution. The business then published a news release claiming that the claims were not true. To which B.A.P responded by releasing another statement that they were thinking about filing for libel.

They had actually waited on their mak-nae, Zelo, to get to the legal age to file the legal action en masse. Their goal was to squash the contract. Yet after a 1-year hiatus, the team went back to their original firm.

Followers were not surprisingly distressed given that they stressed nothing had actually been taken care of. Yet hopefully, things have changed right!